What is Internet of Things ?? May be the Crux of our Future

Internet of Things, is an evolution of mobiles, applications and homes that will be connected to internet leading to expansion of  greater communication capabilities between the user and the source. It uses data analytics to extract meaningful information further making our lives simpler and more tech- friendly. Billions of devices connect with each other to form system of systems in order to share data over the cloud which analysis it and changing our businesses, lives in countless ways. It may  be medical conditions or improvement in productions or making shopping more enjoyable and also helping in energy conservation.

Earlier it was internet of people which was related to us but now it is internet of things.

A view forward to IOT

How many objects were connected to internet years ago ? May be one or two but today we have many tech friendly devices. It is estimated that by 2020 hundred billions of devices will be connected to internet. We are talking of world blanketed with millions of sensors and these sensors are taking information from the real physical objects in the world and uploading it on the internet. It’s a world where your environment transforms as you walk through it.

For an example. you enter your home anxiously and that information is shared to your air conditioner, your music system via your heart beat rate etc and hence they transform their working according to an environment best suited to you at that time.

So we will be living  in a world completely filled minute data receiving cells , changing every moment according to our needs and moods. There will be no longer need of feeding your likes and dislikes in your device because in near future devices will be knowing the same beforehand.

Advantages of IOT :-

  • Internet of things will affect our lives at large. Millions of censors working overtime on our behalf and communicating to form network of networks , just completing our tasks within a blink of an eye.
  • It is not about the day to day individual working only. It will also affect manufacturing sectors, services sectors etc hence welcoming  lower costs.
  • It will not even increase the manufacturing speed but will also make service industry bloom helping largely in customer satisfaction support.

Disadvantages of IOT :-

  • Moreover with great advantages comes cost to pay. Yes internet makes our lives easier but it has also made us lazy and lost to an extent.
  • Now days first and last thing we see is our mobile phones and in near future situation will only worsen.
  • Internet of things will for sure make our things easier but yes it will also lead to lazy lifestyle , increased obesity and rapid spark rise in heart problems due to radiations. It will lead to a situation of or to a whole new world where everything will be addicted to technology.

In all internet of things is a smarter step ahead for our future benefits which will not only solve many problems but will also lead to a smarter future. Scientists are working on the same and are enabling the thing by 2020.

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